Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am

Every Sunday

​10/31 - Reformation Sunday Service (Last Outdoor Worship!!!)

11/3 - Discussing "Jesus and John Wayne" 

11/7 - Confirmation Meeting

​11/17 - Soup Group Meeting

Every 3rd Wednesday - LLP Hot Soup Mission. For more information, see our E-news below.

10/31 - CSA food pickups in the LVLC parking lot  Sundays from 11am - 1pm for a local pick up from Smiling M Farms. For full details,see the flyer.

For More News & Events, check out our weekly E-news.

- E-news, Week of October 24, 2021

We know that we are not called together for ourselves alone, but for offering to others and the world the peace that God had has given us. We are committed to sharing this gift through ministries that promote justice and mercy, in acts of kindness and prophetic witness.

We are a community that rejoices in our diversity and shares a common commitment to grow and serve, to celebrate the gift of life and to use our individual gifts to make the world a better place.

We gather to hear the words of scripture, offer our prayers and gifts, and share a meal. Empowered by God's Spirit, we leave to live in sacrificial service to the world. Following Jesus' example, we strive to be an inclusive fellowship, breaking down all those barriers which divide us. We welcome all people regardless of age, race, religion (or no religion at all), income, gender identity, or sexual orientation.



This Church seeks to confront racism and white supremacy. To take the ELCA Anti-Racism Pledge click here, and for resources on confronting racism in church and society, click here.


Resources to help leaders and members stay connected and resilient during COVID-19:
We are in a very complicated time right now as COVID19 changes our world and communities. Here is the ELCA's response and a list of resources to help you understand the church's response and guide you in a new type of spiritual practices online. 

Ministry is a job for all people, not just professionals. We encourage all Christians to take an active part in ministry, both in and outside of the church. For example:

​​​Worship Updates

In accordance with State and City guidelines,  LakeView Lutheran Church is now offering in-person worship: preregistration is no longer required. Due to increasing presence of the Delta Variant for the virus, we will be  asking worshipers to please wear a mask during worship. We continue to meet for virtual worship on Zoom.  


The Lives We Impact

Our Mission

“I have been a member of LakeView Lutheran Church for over ten years. I have had nothing but love for our pastor, Pastor Liala and all our congregants. Truly, LakeView is a welcoming community, full of love, humility, caring, and most importantly, a place where the Holy Spirit dwells."


Gregory Walker

Church Member

At LakeView Lutheran Church, we want to make people feel as safe and comfortable as possible when worshipping with us. We take everyone's temperature when they enter the sanctuary, require masks to be worn at all times in the sanctuary, all chairs in the sanctuary are six feet apart, and wristbands are provided to allow people to indicate their level of comfort with social interactions, from handshakes and hugs to keeping social distance. We hope that this will ease people's concern about attending church and hope to see you in church soon!

  • Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP), and My Story Counseling
  • Provide church-grown garden vegetables to area shelters

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Our Doors Are Open

"One of my favorite churches I have ever attended. I don't live in Chicago. But, when I am visiting a friend who is a member, I frequently attend with her. Liala's sermons are thought provoking and engaging. The members are so kind and welcoming. I loved the Jesus Christ Superstar service last year." 


Jennifer Thomson


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