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Zachariah Schmidt is a Chicago native who returned to the city after an 8-year stay in Atlanta, GA. A classical pianist by trade, he is enjoying helping LVLC as their new communications director in a time of transition for the church. Zachariah loves reading and spending time with his wife and their 5 pets! 


Pastor Liala Beukema has led our congregation since 2005 and has served nearly all of her ministry in urban communities.  Beukema earned her Master of Divinity at Western Theological Seminary in 1984 and Bachelor’s Degree at Augustana College.

In the last few years, Beukema has focused her ministry in the area of social justice, particularly in what can be accomplished within her sphere of influence – a parishioner’s relationship with the church and spiritual journey.  Her outreach to those who are struggling, forgotten and neglected is supported and extended by members of the congregation.

Pastor Liala has often said there are two highly rewarding aspects of her work. “The first is collectively, the privilege of being part of church-based community organizations that do the work that changes lives – jobs, housing, dignity. The other comes from being a leader of others, that they invite me into their lives to share life moments that are joyous, sad or disruptive in some way. Those are the pastoral care experiences that remind me why I do what I do and why it’s my calling.”

Emily Barrett first came to LakeView Lutheran Church in 2018. Immediately drawn in by the inviting and welcoming folks, she was also impressed by the incredible mission work LVLC does for the community. Gathering supplies to give to homeless and those in need, supplying meals for the hungry, building relationships with underserved neighborhoods, and working with local agriculture producers are a few of her favorite reasons she’s proud to work for LVLC. In the fall of 2018, Emily started a new adventure and moved to the UK to obtain her Master’s of Music in Piano for Dance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. After earning her degree, in 2019 she moved to Houston, TX to work at the Houston Ballet. 2021 brought her back to Chicago where she is working as a freelance ballet pianist (Joffrey Ballet, Visceral Dance Center, Chicago Ballet Arts) and is happy to be reunited with LakeView Lutheran Church. 

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