Sunday Worship @ 9:30 AM

Every Sunday at Resurrection Lutheran Church (3309 N Seminary Ave, Chicago IL 60657)

Building 835 Meeting @ 7PM - First Wednesday of each month

"Let's Talk" Englewood Renaissance Meeting @ 5PM​ - Second and Fourth Thursdays at 5:00pm

Church Council - Third Tuesday of each month

​Hot Soup Ministry - Third Wednesday of each month​

Fellowship Lunch - Monthly 

Lakeview Lutheran Parish Meeting - Second Thursday each month

Holiday Events

LVLC Podcast

December 24th - Christmas Eve Day services:

9:30 A.M. with music from LVLC musicians

5 P.M. with Children's Christmas Pageant

December 31st- New Year's Eve Day service:

9:30 A.M. with Lessons and Carols

The number of folks at the 19th district continues to hover above 100. Moving forward LVLC will hold first response/welcoming items for when people first come to the district, including blankets and essential items (socks, underwear, hygiene). A new team has been created to manage these supplies and volunteers who can go to the station on little notice. Please follow the link below to find more ways to lend a helping hand:

Enews archive

Please use the link below to access a list of past Enews letters! Released weekly on Fridays. 

Our Mission



Migrant Support


LakeView has started a new podcast & video project! The podcast, 'LakeView Listens,' will take an in-depth look at the LVLC community and the larger Lakeview population through a series of interviews and discussions around religion, societal and political issues, and personal stories. You can find us on Spotify and on YouTube through the links below. Enjoy!

Ministry is a job for all people, not just professionals. We encourage all Christians to take an active part in ministry, both in and outside of the church. For example:


Join us at Resurrection Lutheran Church on Sundays at 9:30 A.M. (3309 N. Seminary Ave) or on Zoom!


Zoom Meeting ID: 864 1603 4369
Password: 588633 

​We are a community that rejoices in our diversity and shares a common commitment to grow and serve, to celebrate the gift of life and to use our individual gifts to make the world a better place.

We gather to hear the words of scripture, offer our prayers and gifts, and share a meal. Empowered by God's Spirit, we leave to live in sacrificial service to the world. Following Jesus' example, we strive to be an inclusive fellowship, breaking down all those barriers which divide us. We welcome all people regardless of age, race, religion (or no religion at all), income, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Support LVLC's

Ministry & Mission

Help support our ministries and mission. Donate to LakeView Lutheran Church by using the PayPal QR code below. Thank you for your support of LVLC!

  • Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP), and My Story Counseling
  • Provide church-grown garden vegetables to area shelters

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We know that we are not called together for ourselves alone but for offering to others and the world the peace that God has given to us.  We are committed to sharing this gifts through ministries that promote justice and mercy, in acts of kindness and prophetic witness.