The Michael Cederberg Fund

Sandy Moore

R.I.P. dear Sandy Moore, we loved you, but God loved and needed you with and beside him. Sleep on dear Church Mother. Heaven needed a Secretary and there was none better. We love you dear Sandy sleep on and take your much needed rest.

Michael Scott Cederberg, 67, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, passed away January 29, 2021 at his home.  He was born July 3, 1953 at St. Therese Hospital in Waukegan, IL to Richard Sr. and Arlene (nee: Haffner) Cederberg. 

While teaching and attending night school in late 1980s, Michael earned a Masters Degree in Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University. This paved the way for a career as a Chicago Public School elementary school counselor and a move of his residence to his beloved, diverse and “controversial” Uptown Community of Chicago.

Michael relished the opportunity of career placements in “tough schools” on west, south and north sides of Chicago, where he could counsel and support inner city kids extra-curricular activities and academics.  As a counselor, he dealt with discipline issues, supported special education compliance, enabled team meetings of professional nurses, psychologists, and teachers in support of families.  But his passion was going beyond the norm with assistance to dozens of kids and families each year – counseling them in high school placement options, assisting families with applications and providing transition assistance to families that otherwise might be challenged by the complex system of high school enrollment.

Michael was a proud member of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, believed in social justice and community development; and, was active and in leadership roles in his home Lakeview Lutheran Church, where he was a long-time member. There, he brought his experience to bear in community services and affordable housing initiatives. Mike was a member of Northside Action for Justice, that fights for social, environmental, health and economic justice, as well as educational opportunities at his local Uplift High School — a place with friends and a swimming pool that he frequented.

The Michael Cederberg Fund is a working group made up of LVLC members and long-time friends of Mike C. Their mission is to donate money to Uptown youth and schools in a manner consistent with Michael's career and life commitment to elementary school kids. This year the memorial fund is making a gift to Kuumba Lynx.

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