Sandy Moore

Michael Cederberg

Jimmy was actively involved with Lake View Lutheran Church. He was an advocate for the homeless. Jimmy had a very charitable spirit and loved helping others and volunteering. He had varied interests; he loved trying new things, traveling, and music.

Mike Cederberg epitomized the friendliness of the LVLC persona. Always interested and attentive to others, especially to visitors and young people.  Loved talking about sports and poking fun at rival team fans.  He served the church in many structural roles, but contributed the most by keeping us focused our minds and hearts on justice and compassion.

The Michael Cederberg Fund is a working group made up of LVLC members and long-time friends of Mike C. Their mission is to donate money to Uptown youth and schools in a manner consistent with Michael's career and life commitment to elementary school kids. This year the memorial fund is making a gift to Kuumba Lynx.

Learn more about Kuumba Lynx HERE.

Sandy Moore was and, in her own way, remains the heart and soul of LVLC.  Her gracious smile and effervescent energy drew folks into the church without fanfare but with genuine love.  When current members are asked about their fondest memories or what was it about LVLC that made them want to become involved, the vast majority will recall a special memory of Sandy.

Joe Vaughn