Lakeview Employment Group (LEG) - Lakeview Employment Group (LEG) is a non-profit organization that provides employment support for people facing extra challenges such as homelessness, chronic unemployment, criminal backgrounds, or youth (18-24). For more information, go to

Washing Face    1 gallon

Brushing teeth   2 gallons

Getting a drink   1 gallon

Taking a bath     40 gallons


Pride Parade ​​- Members of LakeView Lutheran, as part of the Coalition of Welcoming Churches, march in the Chicago Pride Parade every June.

Running a dishwasher      15 gallons

Doing a load of laundry    30 gallons

Flushing the Toilet             5 gallons

Washing the car                 50 gallons

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Hot Soup Ministry

Serving Our Community

How much water do we use in a day?

Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP) - Helps youth explore and repair inter-and intra-personal relationships through creative expression.  For more information, go to Facebook - Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP).​​

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Rooftop Garden​​ - ​In the summer months, LakeView Lutheran has a rooftop garden which provides fresh vegetables to two local shelters.  In 2017, 141 pounds of vegetables were delivered to the shelters.  

At LakeView Lutheran, we are always looking for opportunities to serve the community. Currently, LakeView Lutheran is proud host of several youth/community outreach programs: